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cropped-canim-lake-50095_1280_edit3.jpgAccorda Blog is about everything interesting, fun, and insightful. This is a place to write about everything :) It is a blog  and blogs are not so serious as websites and can be written with more freedom of choosing subject. WordPress  is a nice place to be :) With all the nice designs everyone can make their blog look fresh and stylish. Lets blog then :)

Accorda Blog is about all that Accorda is interested in which is a lot of interesting things :)

Accorda is about learning new things, and helping others to learn.

Accorda is about evolving and growing in the Spirit, the Mind and in the Heart.

Accorda is about awakening to the Beauty of the World.

Accorda is about feeling the harmonious music of life.

Accorda is about offering you good things for you to enjoy.

Accorda is about making a World a Better place.

We do Research and Think Tank activities. We like to give our contribution to Science and Society.

But there is much more that Accorda is about and this blog might be a good place to add even more to our publishing subjects. There is so many things that deserve attention. Accorda likes to focus on things that matter and things that are simply beautiful.

Every day is beautiful. Today is a beautiful day. Beauty is inside. Beauty is also outside and around. Beauty is everywhere :)

Lets spend every day with peace, joy and Love.





Hello :)

Hello and Welcome to our Blog. This Blog is About Accorda Institute – A Creative Institute for a Better World

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